6 Pieces Oval Wooden Knife Block Set

11 pieces 5five simple smart knife (2n1) & utensil block

Herdmar Cutlery Set – 6 pieces Kitchen Set

It has a high-thickness encapsulated bottom—even heat distribution and is suitable for every heating source, including induction. A Hollow handle, Do Not Get Hot.

The incredible cocotte with nine modes for thousands of different recipes (Simmer; Steam; Brown; Fry; Boil; Water-bath; Vacuum, Bread, and Tagine). It is lightweight, non-stick, eco-friendly, and non-toxic. It has [...]

Taurus, Italica induction aluminium coffee maker, makes up to 9 cups of coffee, also available for 12 cups. The bottom is suitable for vitro, electric , gas and induction cooker [...]

Delonghi, Active line drip coffee machine, it’s a 5 cup capacity, has a filter a carafe, drip stops, when the carafe is removed, the intensity of the coffee aroma can [...]

Kitchen Essentials: Redefining the Culinary Experience

Unleash your inner chef with kitchen accessories designed to make your cooking experience seamless. You deserve nothing less than the best, so our cookware is just that, the best. From enamel coated pans, to cast iron pans, to top of the line non-stick pans, we ensure that your cookware is not only durable, but safe.
Explore the seamless functionality of our kitchen electricals, engineered for both precision and convenience. From the stove to the table, we offer nothing but culinary excellence


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